Sean Brown was born in Pueblo, Colorado in 1974. He started playing games at 5 with his Uncle Dave every day after school, starting with Chess, then moving on to Feudal and Thinking Man's Golf. By 7, his older brother Shad had caught the full bug for D&D and the two played many a role playing game together with their close friends Ryan and Dwayne (who Sean was convinced were his brothers until age 9) for the next 10 years.

At age 12, he was consumed by the Gamemaster series of games by MB, mostly Axis and Allies but also Conquest of the Empire, Broadsides, and

Fortress America (still to this day, his favorite -- thanks Mike Gray!).

Gaming stayed a big part of his life and really took a change from some MB games and RPG's to boardgames when he met his best friend Mark - (who actually introduced him to Fortress America) - and the two (along with several others who joined them, like Paul A., Paul W. and Dan) played boargames together almost every weekend for 5 years before college, moves, jobs, and life cut that gaming time down to twice a month (for about the next 10 years).

In 2004, -- some say under the influence of pain meds -- Sean created Teraforming while recovering from knee surgery, and spent the next year refining the game. Originally a boardgame based on M.U.L.E. (his favorite PC game) when he could not find a publisher to do the game in its big form, he decided to scale it back to a card game with cubes. He got a ton of help on the logos, packaging and cards from his longtime friends Angelo and Andy in this department, and was ready to take the finished game back out on the circuit. After some more shopping, and great feedback from some amazing folks he met at Gencon that year (who as life would have it, became some of his best friends in the industry, like Larry Whalen from Face to Face, Morgan Dontanavie of Mayfair, Aaron Witten of Gamestation, and Keith Blume now of Queen Games) he was ready to hit the show circuit thanks to the above who all gave him great pointers and ideas over the years (and still do!).

With the help of Aaron and Keith, in 2005 Sean attended his first Gencon to sell Teraforming, the first produced title by his new company Mr. B. Games - (who's name comes from his teaching days at the automotive school where his students used to call him Mr. B. - seemed like a logical fit!). Aaron and his wife Laura provided a space in their booth (and unknown to him at the time, their family) to sell the product (alongside good industry friends Dominic and Satish from North Star!) and Keith helped Sean get the wood cubes needed for the game. He hand packed the cubes in each box on demand!

During the show, Sean got a job with Keith at Eagle Games doing demos, which eventually led to some sales work at regional cons (and the big cons), and the two eventually bought the Eagle Games Webstore where they filled orders and missing pieces requests for all of the Eagle line. In late 2006, original owner Glenn Drover closed the business and after some back and forth dealings, FRED Distribution was formed by Rick Soued,  Sean Brown  and Keith Blume in 2007. Sean and Keith were both in charge of keeping the brand alive, building  a distribution network (FRED), and growing all of the companies brands. For 6 years the three worked together developing and signing games, while Sean and Keith mostly focused on selling and attending tradeshows as the face of Eagle Games.

Now it is 2014, and somehow I find myself back where it all started, with Mr. B, some game ideas and the same idea/mission - Make the best games possible!

With the emergence of Kickstarter, I have the help I need financially and I can finally look back at those things I did in my early days, and live the lifelong dream I have always had of owning my own game company, signing the games I like to play, developing them, helping with graphics, and producing and distributing them, while teaching them to my fellow gamers at tradeshows and conventions. This should be the true mission statement of Mr. B. Games. To believe in yourself, and the products you make.

Our first release, Spurs, is slated for this June at the Origins Game Fair in Columbus Ohio. Alien Uprising, our 2nd release, is slated for an August release at Gencon in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our next Kickstarter is slated for this May, and is called Realm of Heroes!

Sean Brown -May 4, 2014

Update 3-6-15

What a difference a year makes! First off, thanks to everyone out there who supported Mr. B Games last year! We had a fantastic year, and 2015 is already off to a bang with 2 new releases in the first quarter! 2 Kickstarters on the way next quarter, and lots of games in development, as well as partnerships, new studios joining the Mr. B family and so much more. Spurs has just been reprinted, and was voted #4 on the best Family Game list by the Dice Tower! Realm of Heroes and Clockwork Kingdom are set to release in a few weeks, and we are gearing up for our next batch of campaigns. We look forward to making even more wonderful games, and hope to see some of you along the way!






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