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Lords of Baseball Board Game

Lords of Baseball Board Game

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The new century is upon us, and the 20th Century promises to be something great for the game of baseball. Across the eastern half of the United States the national pastime is taking shape. The leagues are settling into traditional formats that will remain unchanged for decades.

You are an owner of one of the charter franchises, a leader with the money and vision to grow the game into its modern form. Invest wisely – it is not only the team on the field that matters, but also the stadium, media, and fans that can set you up for success! This is not a baseball game simulation; this is a game about building a baseball dynasty. Your business savvy and skills will win the day.

Lords of Baseball is for 1-4 players (expandable to 6 or 8 and can even be expanded to 16 with two base games and 4 expansions). Lords of Baseball takes about 40 minutes per season to play. It is a card-driven strategy game that unfolds over multiple seasons (you can choose to play a short, medium, or long game).

A game of Lords of Baseball is played out over a pre-determined number of seasons (three, five, or seven). Each player has a team and stadium mat where they track the progress and development of the franchise. Players will utilize the various card decks to alter their team’s abilities and to gain competitive edges during series against their opponents. Results are tracked on the main game board. Wins each season, fan support and victory points are shown there. In general players need to balance three objectives: winning games, earning money, and improving their stadiums. Be careful, it is easy to lose focus on one category and fail to score as well as someone that keeps all three balls in play.

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